Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 Quiet Portable Generator

Briggs and Stratton Quiet Portable Generator

If you’re searching for portable, clean, quiet power you’ve found it. The Briggs and Stratton 30545 is a quiet portable generator that delivers 2600 running watts with 3000 starting watts at a quiet 58db at ¼ load. The unit places portability in high regard. There are two built in never-go-flat tires and a telescoping handle which enables you to pull the inverter behind you with minimal effort. This unit is also quite light weighing in at 89lbs. When lifting is necessary there are built in dual handles which allow you to share the load and avoid unnecessary strain. The unit also boasts an LCD screen which allows you to easily monitor running time and fuel consumption- both of which are quite impressive relative to similar models. The P3000 is able to run for 10 hours at a ¼ load and utilizes inverter technology to run at variable speeds in relation to load requirements thus maximizing fuel economy.

Unique/ Best FeatureBriggs and Stratton StatStation Display Quiet Portable Generator

The feature that makes this quiet portable generator stand out in relation to others is the LCD screen. Perhaps most importantly this allows you to monitor the exact percentage of power that is currently being supplied thus helping to avoid overloads. The screen also displays running hours and maintenance reminders. The LCD screen is one of those features that once you use it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Power Output

This inverter generator produces 3000 surge watts and 2600 rated watts. Surge/starting watts are for appliances with electric motors such as refrigerators and air conditioners which cycle or require a larger power draw in order to start. These are typically only required for a short duration. Running/rated watts, on the other hand, are the sustained watts constantly required in order to power a device.

As with all quiet portable generators reviewed on this website, the power produced is essentially “cleaned” or “smoothed” by the inverting process and is therefore compatible with sensitive electronics such as laptops and smartphones. To learn more about this process click here.


So what can a quiet portable generator power with 2600 watts?

Depending on its application you can power quite a bit. In an emergency setting you would be able to run a sump pump, keep your refrigerator functioning and have a few watts to spare for lights and mobile phones. In an RV/recreational setting you would be able to power most appliances simultaneously without hassle. You would be able to handle a 13500 BTU AC unit although it would be prudent to check the wattage requirement specifications on your AC unit prior to purchase. Most will only require about 1500-2000 watts once running, however, startup can require surge watts of about 3000. This may require you to start up the AC unit before adding additional loads though most of your wattage will be dedicated to the AC unit. Most power tools should be able to run off 2800 watts when operating them independently. It is always wise to check the wattage requirements on your tools, however, before making a purchase.

To calculate how much power you will require refer to our usage chart.


What can you NOT power with 2600 watts?Two quiet portable generators running in parallel

This inverter generator would be insufficient for powering your home’s electric water heater which demands more power than this unit is able to give. It would also fall short of powering a 15000 BTU AC unit which requires a large level of surge watts. This inverter generator would probably also be insufficient for running larger power tools simultaneously. If you do require an inverter generator for these uses but you do not want to drastically increase your noise pollution by investing in a conventional generator the answer may be running two quiet portable generators in parallel.


Control Panel

Briggs and Stratton p3000 Control Panel quiet portable generator

The control panel is quite simple and consists of the Powersmart Switch, the Statstation LCD screen, a grounding fastener and the various power receptacles.

The Powersmart switch is analogous to Eco mode on similar models and when it is turned on it allows the engine to run relative to the electrical loads being applied. When electrical loads are added the engine speed will increase and when loads are removed the engine will slow. This allows for greater fuel efficiency and less noise pollution but it is important to have the Powersmart mode turned off when starting or stopping the generator and when using the 12v DC outlet.

The Statstation LCD screen is arguably the best feature of this quiet portable generator. It serves three main functions; monitoring the load, displaying the total number of hours the machine has run and providing maintenance reminders. The load monitoring helps prevent overloading the generator as you can see the exact output wattage currently being used. The hour meter makes it easy to determine when maintenance is necessary and if you should so happen to forget the maintenance reminder will not.

Lastly the grounding fastener allows you to ground the unit when necessary, such as when supplying power via a transfer switch.



Four 120v AC 20amp Duplex receptacles. These household outlets are equipped with ‘push to reset’ circuit breakers in order to prevent damage in the occurrence of an overload.

One 120v AC, 30amp TT locking receptacle making hookups to the RV easier than ever.

One USB Port for recharging sensitive electronics such as laptops and smartphones.

One Parallel Operation Port which enables you to hookup two generators together and run them in parallel. NOTE: the Parallel Operation Kit (6278 Catalytic Converter) is sold separately.

One 12v DC receptacle to allow for automotive style battery charging. when using DC make sure to turn off Powersmart mode as you want the generator to be operating at full throttle. While these quiet portable generators come with battery charging cables, charging a 12v battery directly is not highly recommended. This is because there is no automatic shut off and you run the risk of over charging. A better recommendation is to invest in a separate AC battery charger that can then be powered by the 120v outlet of the generator. If, however, you are in a pinch charging directly from the 12v DC outlet will do the trick.

What comes in the box?Quiet Portable Generator P3000 with Telescoping handle

User manual

12v DC battery charging cables

One bottle of engine oil

Tool kit for assembly and maintenance

RV adapter plug

Online User’s Manual

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