Champion 75537i Quiet Portable Generator w/ Wireless Remote Startup

Champion 75537i Quiet Portable Generator

Champion offers great products at aggressive prices. This unit is no exception. These quiet portable generators are built with 3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts. It operates at 58dB at rated load making it ideal for RVs, cabins, food trucks and anywhere else noise is a concern. The built in wheels and collapsible luggage style handle makes transportation easy and dual mounted handles allow you to share the load when lifting is necessary. This quiet portable generator can also be started 3 ways; manually via the recoil cord, electronically with a push start button and remotely from a wireless remote that can operate from up to 80ft away.

Unique/Best feature:Wireless Remote Startup

The best part of this unit has to be the wireless remote start and stop. This feature is good up to 80ft and makes portable power even more efficient. Gone are the days of stepping out of the RV and into the rain to fire up the generator. To make this feature more practical this inverter has a built in digital 15 second power delay which enables you to leave your electronics plugged in during startup and shutdown.


While this feature is what sets these quiet portable generators apart, they do come with a substantial price increase. Champion Power Equipment does, however, carry the same inverter without the wireless startup option and is therefore cheaper- in some cases quite a bit cheaper. To compare the current prices of these two quiet portable generators you can check out the following links. Model # 75537i is with the wireless startup option and Model #75531i is without the wireless option.

Power Output

This inverter generator produces 3100 surge watts and 2800 rated watts. Surge/starting watts are for appliances with electric motors such as refrigerators and air conditioners which cycle or require a larger power draw in order to start. These are typically only required for a short duration. Running/rated watts, on the other hand, are the sustained watts constantly required in order to power a device.

As with all quiet portable generators reviewed on this website, the power produced is essentially “cleaned” or “smoothed” by the inverting process and is therefore compatible with sensitive electronics such as laptops and smartphones. To learn more about this process click here.


So what can you power with 2800 watts?

Depending on its application you can power quite a bit. In an emergency setting you would be able to run a sump pump, keep your refrigerator functioning and have a few watts to spare for lights and mobile phones. In an RV/recreational setting you would be able to power most appliances simultaneously without hassle. You would be able to handle a 13500 BTU AC unit. Most will only require about 1500-2000 watts once running, however, startup can require surge watts of about 3000. This may require you to start up the AC unit before adding additional loads though most of your wattage will be dedicated to the AC unit. Most power tools should be able to run off 2800 watts when operating them independently. It is always wise to check the wattage requirements on your tools, however, before making a purchase.

To calculate how much power you will require refer to our usage chart

What can quiet portable generators with 2800 watts NOT power?

This inverter generator would be insufficient for powering your home’s electric water heater which demands more power than this unit is able to give. It would also fall short of powering a 15000 BTU AC unit which requires a large level of surge watts. This inverter generator would probably also be insufficient for running larger power tools simultaneously. If you do require an inverter generator for these uses but you do not want to drastically increase your noise pollution by investing in a conventional generator the answer may be running two inverter generators in parallel


Control PanelChampion 75537i Quiet Portable Generator Control Panel

The control panel is well laid out and quite simple. There are three lights. The Output light indicates power is being supplied to the outlets. The Overload light will let you know if the load is too great and if the Low Oil light is illuminated you should immediately turn off the generator and top up.

The Economy Control Switch allows the engine to run relative to the electrical load being applied. When the load is increased the engine will run faster and loads are disconnected the engine will slow. This allows for better fuel efficiency and reduced noise emissions.

At the top left of the control panel you will find the Fuel Valve Knob and to the right is a manual push button choke.

This unit features an electronic power switch which enables you to start the engine with the push of a button.

The red Battery Switch on the top right of the panel is to prevent battery drain in the remote when the unit is being stored.

Both the AC outlets and the DC outlet are protected by push-to-reset circuit breakers. If you should happen to trip one, reduce the load and reset the breaker.

The control panel also features a grounding terminal if necessary such as when supplying power via a transfer switch.



One 120v 30A RV (TT-30R) outlet- makes hooking up to the RV simple.

Two 120v 20A 3prong household-syle outlets.

One 12v DC outlet- when using DC make sure to turn off Eco mode as you want the generator to be operating at full throttle. While the generator comes with a 6ft, alligator clip cable, charging a 12v battery directly is not highly recommended. This is because there is no automatic shut off and you run the risk of over charging. A better recommendation is to invest in a separate AC battery charger that can then be powered by the 120v outlet of the generator. If, however, you are in a pinch charging directly from the 12v DC outlet will do the trick.

While there is no direct USB outlet the unit does ship with an automotive-style USB adaptor.


What comes in the box?Quiet Portable Generators Champion w/ Extended Handle

User manual

Automotive-style USB adaptor

12v DC battery cable (6.6 feet)

Oil Funnel

Spark Plug Socket

Wireless Remote Control Starter

Online User’s Manual


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