Westinghouse WH2400i Explorer Series Inverter Generator

Westinghouse 2400i Quiet Power Generator

This quiet power generator is just that- quiet. Emitting only 59dB AT FULL LOAD this unit is perfect for camping, tailgating and anywhere else where noise is a concern. With 2400 starting watts and 2100 running watts this little 43lb inverter can handle a wide range of appliances and can be taken anywhere. Its 79cc 4 stroke engine has a running time of 11h under ¼ load and is able to parallel with other inverters to double the wattage output.

Best Feature

The run time of this quiet power generator is what sets it apart from its competition. The 1.3 gallon tank will last 11 hours under ¼ load which is about 3 hours longer than a Honda with similar wattage. This extended runtime is indicative of its fuel efficiency and low emissions. Another helpful feature is that all relevant components for starting the machine (vent cap, choke, power switch and recoil cable) are yellow. This serves as a nice visual reminder of how to properly start the engine each time you use it.


Power Output

These quiet power generators produce 2400 surge watts and 2100 rated watts. Surge/starting watts are for appliances with electric motors such as refrigerators and air conditioners which cycle or require a larger power draw in order to start. These are typically only required for a short duration. Running/rated watts, on the other hand, are the sustained watts constantly required in order to power a device.

As with all quiet power generators reviewed on this website, the power produced is essentially “cleaned” or “smoothed” by the inverting process and is therefore compatible with sensitive electronics such as laptops and smartphones. To learn more about this process click here.


So what can you power with 2100 watts?

The answer is more than you may think. Some common appliances that you would be able to power include; refrigerators, freezers, coffee makers, hair dryers, TV’s, microwaves, smartphones and laptops. You would not, however, be able to run all of these appliances simultaneously. A quiet power generator of this size is best suited for recreational applications and for the use of small power tools. If you are looking for emergency back up power or to run larger power tools you may want to consider a larger unit such as The Briggs and Stratton 30545.

In a recreational setting the Westinghouse WH2400i would allow you to make your morning coffee while simultaneously watching the news on your television and charging your smartphone. In a work environment you would be able to power a range of small hand tools such as electric drills or reciprocating saws BUT not simultaneously.

What can quiet power generators with 2100 watts NOT power? Westinghouse parallel cable for quiet power generator

If you are looking to purchase a quiet power generator for emergency back up applications I would suggest a larger unit. While the WH2400i would be able to handle a sump pump or keep your refrigerator running in a pinch these appliances can require a large initial draw (surge watts) in order to start and would therefore leave few watts left over for other applications. 2100 watts is also insufficient for powering most AC units. While you may be able to power a small 7000 BTU AC unit the generator would be running close to full load and would therefore only last a few short hours per tank of fuel. Running larger power tools or multiple tools simultaneously will also require a larger generator. The other option would be to purchase a Parallel Cord which enables you to effectively double your wattage output without doubling your noise emissions.


Control PanelWestinghouse 2400i Control Panel quiet power generator

The design is simple and intuitive. It consists of an Efficiency Mode Switch, three warning lights, a choke, a push-to-reset circuit breaker and the various outlets. When the power demand being applied is low the Efficiency Mode Switch can be activated. This allows the unit to run at lower RPM’s thereby reducing fuel consumption and noise pollution. The warning lights consist of a Low Oil LED, an Overload LED and an Output Ready LED. In the event of an overload the engine will continue to run but the inverter will cease to supply power to the outlets. To reset, remove electrical loads and press the red reset breaker. The choke is a yellow knob which must be pulled out during start up and then depressed once the generator is running. The control panel also has a grounding terminal if necessary. To the right of the control panel is a 12v DC outlet, the recoil cable and the on/off switch.



Two 120v 20A 3prong household-syle receptacles.

Two 5v USB ports for charging sensitive electronics such as smartphones and laptops.

One 12v DC receptacle to allow for automotive style battery charging. When using the DC receptacle make sure to turn off the Efficiency Mode Switch, as you want the generator to be operating at full throttle. Charging a 12v battery directly, however, is not highly recommended. This is because there is no automatic shut off and you run the risk of over charging. A better method is to invest in a separate AC battery charger that can then be powered by the 120v outlets of the generator. If, however, you are in a pinch charging directly from the 12v DC outlet will do the trick.



What comes in the box?WH2400i Quiet Power Generator

1 bottle of engine oil


Sparkplug wrench

Oil funnel

Online User’s Manual

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