Honda EU2000i Quiet Power Generator

Honda Eu2000i Quiet Power Generator

Any review of quiet power generators wouldn’t be complete without a Honda. With the highest rating of overall customer satisfaction these inverters have become the standard when it comes to quiet portable power. With 2000 surge watts and 1600 running watts the applications of this unit are vast and with a decibel rating of 53-59dBs (¼ load vs full load) they are perfect for RVing, camping and tailgating. The Honda GX100 engine has a run time of 8.1 hours at ¼ load and comes with a 3 year limited warrantee.

Best Feature

The name. When you buy this inverter you are buying the brand- a brand which is backed by its reputation for durability, customer satisfaction and quality. Unfortunately buying a brand also entails paying for the marketing. Thus quiet power generators from Honda are more expensive than their competition- in some cases significantly. To check the current price of this product click here. I will refrain from commenting on merits of purchasing the ‘leading brand’ of a product but it is worth noting that the highest overall satisfaction rating does hold some credence. At the end of the day you want to be happy with your purchase. That is what matters. Whether that satisfaction is derived from getting a bargain vs the piece of mind you get with buying an established brand is for you to determine.


Power Output

This quiet power generator produces 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts. Surge/starting watts are for appliances with electric motors such as refrigerators and air conditioners which cycle or require a larger power draw in order to start. These are typically only required for a short duration. Running/rated watts, on the other hand, are the sustained watts constantly required in order to power a device.

As with all inverters reviewed on this website, the power produced is essentially “cleaned” or “smoothed” by the inverting process and is therefore compatible with sensitive electronics such as laptops and smartphones. To learn more about this process click here.

So what can quiet power generators with 1600 watts be used for?

The answer is more than you may think. Some common appliances that you would be able to power include; refrigerators, freezers, coffee makers, hair dryers, TV’s, microwaves, smartphones and laptops. You would not, however, be able to run all of these appliances simultaneously. A quiet power generator of this size is best suited for recreational applications and for the use of small power tools. If you are looking for emergency back up power or to run larger power tools you may want to consider a larger unit such as The Briggs and Stratton 30545.

In a recreational setting the eu2000i would allow you to make your morning coffee while simultaneously watching the news on your television and charging your smartphone. In a work environment you would be able to power a range of small hand tools such as electric drills or reciprocating saws BUT not simultaneously.

To calculate how much power you will require refer to our usage charts.

What can you NOT power with 1600 watts?

Quiet power generators running in parallel

If you are looking to purchase a quiet power generator for emergency back up applications I would suggest a larger unit or purchasing two to run in parallel. While the eu2000i would be able to handle a sump pump or keep your refrigerator running in a pinch these appliances can require a large initial draw (surge watts) in order to start and would therefore leave few watts left over for other applications. 1600 watts is also insufficient for powering most AC units. While you may be able to power a small 7000 BTU AC unit the generator would be running close to full load and would therefore only last a few short hours per tank of fuel. Running larger power tools or multiple tools simultaneously will also require a larger generator. The other option would be to purchase a Parallel Kit which enables you to effectively double your wattage output without doubling your noise emissions.


Control PanelControl Panel of Honda EU2000i

This simple design consists of an Eco Mode Switch, 3 indicator LEDs, parallel ports to connect to a second inverter, two push-to-reset circuit protectors (AC and DC) and the various outlets. When engaged the Eco Mode Switch allows the engine to run at lower RPMs when the electrical load being applied is low. When subsequent loads are applied the engine will increase its speed to match the electrical demand. This allows for greater fuel efficiency and less noise pollution. The three indicator LEDs relate to the status of the inverter. In the event that the engine’s oil falls below a safe level the Low Oil LED will illuminate and the engine will shut down until the oil has been refilled. If the inverted is overloaded the Overload LED will illuminate and after 4 seconds the electrical current will cease to flow to the receptacles, however, the engine will continue to run. Simply disconnect the loads and reset the circuit breaker. When the engine is running properly the green Output Indication LED will be illuminated to signal that the receptacles are being supplied with electricity. The Output LED also functions as a simplified cumulative hour meter. Upon starting the engine the light will blink in accordance to the total number of hours the machine has operated (for example 1 blink indicates 100-200hours, 2 blinks indicated 200-300hours etc). The control panel also features a grounding terminal should grounding be necessary.



Two 120v 13.3A 3prong household-syle receptacles.

One 12v 8A DC receptacle for charging automotive style batteries (ATV, Motorcycle, boat etc)

NOTE- the DC charging cables are sold separately. You can find them here.

Also note- When using the DC receptacle make sure to turn off the Eco Mode Switch, as you want the generator to be operating at full throttle. While these quiet power generators are capable of charging a 12v battery directly it is not highly recommended. This is because there is no automatic shut off and you run the risk of over charging. A better method is to invest in a separate AC battery charger that can then be powered by the 120v outlets of the generator. If, however, you are in a pinch charging directly from the 12v DC outlet will do the trick.


What comes in the box?Honda EU2000i quiet power generator

Owner’s manual


The bad

First and foremost is price. These quiet power generators are going to be more expensive than most of their competitors (with the exception of Yamaha generators which retail at similar price points). As aforementioned in the “best feature” section this price is reflective of the fact that you are paying for the brand and its reputation for durability and customer satisfaction.

Another thing to consider is weight. This inverter is roughly 20lbs heavier than most quiet power generators of the same wattage. While this may be indicative of the quality of parts used it does reduce portability to some degree.

The last thing to consider is the lack of ‘extras’ included in the purchase. While most competitors offer some combination of DC charging cables, engine oil, an oil funnel or a spark plug wrench, Honda sells all this separately.

Online User’s Manual

To check the current price of this product click here


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